Our Training Manager

Manager of the international training team, Fany Devèze designs the brand’s educational tools and materials for partner beauticians.
She coordinates the network of trainers in export countries and runs the technical hotline.

Fany Devèze

“Evolving in the professional world of beauty salons and spas is my daily leitmotiv.
With a wealth of experience in the field, I have developed my skills within the brand to support beauticians all over the world in their Sothys partnership.
Today, I’m committed to guiding the Masters Trainers in the richness and diversity of their activities.
Developing, rethinking and redesigning materials to make it easier to learn and master our range is what drives and completes my job.
It is through the variety of these missions that I continue to grow with Sothys.”

Our Master Trainers

At Sothys, the Master Trainers are skincare experts who share their passion through fun and varied teaching methods.
Passing on the brand’s values, sharing their knowledge and talking to participants are all part of the richness of their job.

Alexandra Asaro

“Being a trainer has always been an obvious choice for me. Sharing knowledge and know-how makes me happy every day.
Exchanging and working with people with different personalities and from different cultures around the world is a real source of enrichment and motivation.
I have a constant thirst to learn, to explore new horizons and to experience multiple emotions: my passion for training makes me live this every day.”

Emmy Bourg

“What I’m passionate about is working with beauticians and passing on the know-how I’ve acquired through my professional experience. I enjoy learning new things and challenging what I’ve learned in the past.
Working as an international trainer is very rewarding and gives you the chance to exchange ideas on the different areas of beauty.”

Cécile Leroy

“I chose this profession because I wanted to work in a dynamic environment where I could be stimulated on a daily basis.
Seeing the smiles on people’s faces is a daily pleasure, and helping beauticians to develop their skills and feel at ease is my way of supporting them.
Every day is different, made up of diverse and enriching encounters. It is a real source of motivation.”

Léa Madi

“Working as an international trainer is a great opportunity to discover a diversity of cultures and landscapes and to experience days that are never the same. It’s in this diversity that I thrive on a daily basis.
I enjoy helping care professionals to develop their skills so that they can be identified as experts and put them to good use in their profession. Their comments after the training courses are a real source of motivation.”